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23 Apr Confused about the difference between Copywriting and Content writing?

With the rise of social media and blogging, the phrase ‘content is king’ has been thrown around loosely, giving rise to misconceptions about what being a writer is, and if there actually is a difference between different forms of writing, such as copywriting, content writing, creative writing, journalism etc.

In all fairness this is very confusing, especially for writers and aspiring writers searching for a voice in this day and age. But, the confusion also extends to brands and businesses that want to sell, educate, inform or entertain through their writing, and do not know which form of writing speaks to their specific brief.

So, without adding to the convolution, for today I will focus on the 3 key differences between content and copywriting.


A content writer writes content mostly for websites.

A copywriter writes sales and promotional copy for advertising and marketing purposes.


The purpose of content writing is to inform, educate, interest and entertain the reader.

The purpose of copywriting is to persuade the target market to buy into a specific product or service.


Content writers write content that uses phrases and key words that make it easier for site visitors to find their website/ article in their search engines. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Copywriters are not limited to phrases or words, they can write for websites, social media or traditional above and below the line channels, such as, brochures, T.V, direct mail, sales letters etc.

I Hope that helped, we will cover this in more detail in future blog posts!

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